Monday, August 18, 2008

Rains In Roha

Beautiful river, down from the sky
Beauty, as the clouds do cry
The sacred bringer of all life
Water does calm all strife
Rain, quencher of the flame
Rain, Rain, I shout the name
Rain Rain, Beautiful rain.

-Aidan Ross
Everybody, 90 % people likes Rainy season among all the seasons. Beauty of real nature, you can feel in rains. Nature shows real colors from its palette. Poets write paeans in praise of the beauty of the rainy scene.

Rainy season in Roha is the real beauty .You can not just stop yourself to come again and again to Roha for feeling the beauty of rain, once you visit Roha in rains. And this rainy season I felt the same magic of rains.

Roha is small town surrounded by hills. So during rainy season it seems a real green.Mostly in July it rains heavily in Roha, like cats and dogs. This kind of rains falls continuously 2-3 days without break.

(Kalasgiri Hill in clouds)
(Cloud Busting)
But still routine of Rohekars never stops. People goto the offices, Children goto the schools, markets are open and you will find same picture while raining heavily as in other seasons.and here i find the real spirit of Rohekars. They are used to heavily rains and clouds busting .Clouds busting is very common here.
(Children going school)
Another most beautiful thing i find in Roha is Kundalika river, river is full of water through out year. :) Beauty of kundalika differs in seasons to seasons, but in monsoon river looks awesome.

(Kundalika River)

And the another thing i would like to write is the waterfall that flows behind KES High school ,at foot of kalasgiri hill.i know that each and every Rohekar have been played in that waterfall once of his/her life . :)) And they are having some sweet memories with that waterfall.

(Waterfall behind KES High School)

(Isn't it Awesom!!)

But after all every things in the world have 2 sides.Nature is nature.Nature also shows its danger face when rains falls continuously for 2 days.Rohekars always face flood in roha in every july or august. Always every year they faces 3-4 times flood in Roha.

(Water everywhere...)

(House in flood - on the river bank)

( Kundalika River crossing danger level)


River kundalika flows from the heart of Roha city, two parts of city is connected by bridge. It goes under water of kundalika in flood.Kundalika crosses danger level 2-3 times every year in rains. This river flows towards Arabian see 28 Km away from Roha. So high tide and low tide plays very important role in flood.

I think if you visit Roha in Rains, you don’t have to go anywhere else. I always used to come Roha to enjoy and remind monsoon that i left behind. I wish, if I born on earth again, it would be in Roha.



  1. Great Pictures!! You have really captured the mood of monsoon!!!

  2. Priti, you have mentioned each and every thing of rains in roha very accurately.You have catch small small things about roha...and that are really very true because i also gone through it in my life.
    Really very nice and keep it up.

  3. beautiful blog!!!!
    i liked all the stuff in this blog especially "rains in roha"
    the photographs are really wonderful
    i must say the whole wok is awesome and praise worthy

  4. Rahul, Thanks a lot for your kind words

  5. Wow..Great pictures. I miss Roha like crazy!!
    I was searching for Roha pics, and bumped into your blog. Liked it!
    Are you from ROha??

  6. Yes , D! ... I am from ROHA :)..Thanks for visiting my blog.

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  8. Hi...Great pictures...i have a website for Roha,( if u dont mind can u contribute photos for the website and any info if u have,i will add on the website.


  9. Hey there...

    Nice to know that people from Roha blog ABOUT Roha...

    Although I am bored of the Roha Rains already, the pictures really cheered me up...

  10. hey.. yesterday i face flood in roha... it is nt beautiful its only better 2 watch