Thursday, August 28, 2008

Life is Priceless

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Every life on this earth is doing every small thing to struggle for life. Why we always say our life is Priceless?
Spiritually, When anyone take birth on this earth he is coming through a very long jorney.He have to complete 84 births of each and every creature available on this earth means, if today you are taking birth as a human being then it is coming after 84 births. Isn’t it amazing...?
So if we are getting such a wonderful precious life after so many birth then I think our life is really very very priceless.
Any alive thing can feel, can do anything than any lifeless thing. As we are human, we can do each and every thing that is available on this earth.
So we should take our life very positively and achieve targets rather than just giving up for failure. I don’t understand why people use their so precious lives for human bomb and just destroy it, why they don’t understand the value of their lives, why people suicide themselves? Everybody should take life positively, and get the most out of it. They will not get 100% of their life but will defiantly get 30% rather than just ending their priceless and precious lives.