Tuesday, November 9, 2010

As you scroll down through your contacts in your mobile ...

As you scroll down through your contacts in your mobile ... each name you see pops up a different stories in your mind ... and you will miss a heartbeat at the special one.. and then you are confused with your feelings .. and maybe then you will see all those memories which were shared with that special person ...and suddenly you find smiling at nothing ....

You realized that you were cherishing all good moments with each one of them and then without a second thought you were ending up the list of persons in the contact list ...

But 20 yrs from now - Is it gonna be the same??? Will you at least give a missed call for the ones that were once your dearest and nearest ... and that one special person, what you will think that time ? will you remember those memories again ??

You will feel distance that you were unaware of and you wish you were closer that time or maybe there was a chance where you could change your life with that special one !!!

I wonder, if anyone or anything from the world can stop crying you then !!! strange.. but very true .. !!

So ... don't think that you have missed the bus ... think that there is still some hopes that you will get your things or may be your life back ....!!!

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